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Where can I find a gay adult video game on the computer?
I dont want to download or buy anything.
Try Google, and type "h o m o sexual adult game"...(less the spaces, since those four letters are stared out.)

Or, do a search for "gay porn game"

Good Luck!

PS: Make sure your firewall and AV suite is turned on!!!
Hottest gay adult video star?
i asked a question earlier about who you think is the hottest gay adult video star but it was removed. oh well. let me know what your opinion is. and extra points if you guess correctly who mine is
Johan Paulik
What adult gay video's are your favorite?
I like ones from Treasure Island Media, my favorites is Breeding Season and Knocked up.

I'm asking because I'm looking for some like those two, with lots of sloppy milkpie if you know what I mean. I've been disappointed before many times. Does anyone have any suggestions?
falcon classic!!! mmmmmm i get all xxxxxxx mmmm i love them with all those muscular men with big thingies mmmmmm
Poll-Who loves watching adult videos of gay men doing you know & listening to them moaning?
Poll-Who loves watching adult videos of gay men doing you know & listening to the moans they make?
before it feels so good and also those funny faces they make.

Doesn't listening to that just turn you on and get you in the mood.
no one
I have hundreds and hundreds of adult gay videos in all catagoires, how can i sell them?
i have hundreds of adult gay videos in all catagories that you can imagine. They are all full length movies (1 - 3 hours). Some i got from peer to peer software and others from websites that i am a members to and downloaded and paid for. Where can i sell them in a package (like 3 movies per CD)? not ebay. not clubs. any other suggestions? I dont want any legal issues cause i paid for all of the ones i downloaded.
You actually can sell them on EBAY under the restricted adult area.
If you dont want to , hit a bunch of video stores , if you make them a great deal , they will buy ~
Gay adult videos, please help?
I would not like to sound like a creepo.
First off, i would like to find a site were i can maybe see one or two videos. "
Second, i want a site that has no virus.
Third, Please do not comment saying things about me being weird.
Fourth, did i mention i want gay videos please.

I think they have a gay category.
Bel Ami gay adult videos in GTA?
I wanted to know if I could find Bel Ami videos at any adult video store in Toronto or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area? I ask because they are Czechoslovakian films, although they can be bought online. But are they available in Canada even?
Do you have Limewire? Limewire is littered with Bel Ami.
(adult) Once saw a gay video...?
And i need info on it. It was on GayTube but the title and info was in a different language.

Consists of two guys sitting on a bench in the forest drinking some Budweiser. The innocent one was scared of others seeing so he wanted to go wait in the truck.

Need the link, actors, name of film, ANYTHING?!?!?

I hope my advice can give you a hand.
Serious question how do I start an adult video production company either online or on DVD. How do I start???
I have a burning passion to start this business. Any input would be helpful again I am serious about the porn business. Im open to any kind of porn except gay porn.
Persons with the mandatory $$$$$$ for start-up
Are NOT on yahoo Q&A asking 'how do i start ' .

Just a wild guess , but you are , I'd guess ,
about 15 years old ?


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