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Are Republicans going to watch the video of torture?
Do they get off on torture? Do they like to pretend they're self righteous and start pointing fingers at democrats rather than accept their shame?

I'd say yes.
What video, is Hannity maning up to what he said he would do. They think that is torture. Just like they think sleeping outdoors for one night helps them understand homelessness.
When Obama releases the prison "torture" videos, will he also release the Nick Berg video?
The one where a screaming Berg gets his head sawed off? Or any or all of the other videos where Islamic terrorists saw off the heads of non-Islamic infidels? Don't you think it would help if we were reminded of what we're up against?
Those beheading videos depict REAL torture, we don't want to get confused now... we all want to just stay in our sheltered, arrogant American bubble and say bitty drips of water up a terrorists nose is the moral equivalent to what happened to Nick Berg or the guyren in Beslan Russia or the victims in the Twin Towers, or those on the subway in London.

And to directly answer you, of course Barack won't! He doesn't want us to see the true face of Islam or what REAL torture is...

Well, here is a glimpse of Islam-…

Nick Berg (figured I'd help Barack out)…

***note*** I say "we" as in the general population, not all of us fit that criterea. I personally want people to see reality so they wake the hell up.
Mythbusters Chinese water torture video?
Where can I see the whole video clip or episode of the episode where they test Chinese water torture. It was in the same episode as the brown noise. I'm in the UK so I need to be able to view the video here. If it's not on the internet could someone put it on YouTube and send the link. Please be specific.
Ive done a fair bit of looking around and I hate to say it but its not on the is on that seasons dvd however, most video stores should have it though.
What do you think about the Mancow waterboarding video torture thing?
If you haven't seen it, link is below…
Not much if anything at all.
It does not matter whether he thinks it is torture or not.
What is only relevant is whether it is REALLY torture or not.
Some say it is, others that it is not.
And even if the international community comes to rule that what the US did was torture, will they pursue those of REAL torture - you know Beatings with Sticks (Indonesia), or fists? Will food denial or withheld medical treatment (North Vietnam) be prosecuted? Still have not seen any prosecutions of NV for all of their criminal violations. Did any of John McCain's tormentors get prosecuted? Nope.
So why is it that 3 guys who are major players in the Terrorist game get water boarded a few times and it is like we had their guyren sold into slavery? Because it is fashionable to bash the US. We, who have the audacity to go into other countries and take down rogue leaders who are bent on destabilizing a region of the world with war and terror. OR, who have the will to fight the good fight even if we must go it alone.
Shame on the rest of the world. Perhaps we should have listened to the isolationists and allowed the world to destroy itself in WW2. Maybe then they might not be so willing to bash us for getting involved in the affairs of the world. It would surely let them know the true meaning of torture. Just ask someone from WW2 who was tortured by Germany or Japan. Certainly their testimony on what is torture might open the eyes of today’s world. But then again, maybe not. Some, it seems, do not care about the facts, just their moment of glory in the news, and nothing more.
Is it illegal to torture insects? This guy in class has a microscope video of him torturing insects?
When he cut off the praying mantis's arms you could see the pain in its face and see it scream
No. It's not illegal but that is cruel and mean. Hypothetically speaking, how would he like it if some really big person, way, way bigger than him, tortured him and cut off his arms and watched the pain in his face and he didn't even do anything to deserve it. Or better yet, how would he like it if a regular size person like him (like a sick, mentally ill, unnormal person) (like maybe a serial killer or a person that loves to and get's pleaseure from torturing and killing other people) cut his arms off and watched him scream in pain. Just a thought. I guess your friend can do whatever he wants wheather it's against the law or not.
Should it be a crime to t0rture insects? This guys at school are doing close up video of bugs during torture?
on a microscopic like camera, you can see the bugs faces almost scream like the preying mantis. Is this legal?
No. Exodus 20:8-11
Anyone remember that video game about torture traps?
You were like this chick that ran around a giant castle with all these dudes trying to mess you up, and you can't fight, but you set traps and make the bad guys follow you into them. That game was hilarious, it was for playstation I think, anyone remember the name? They should remake it.
you seriously don't remember the name of the game? it's staring right in your face. just add an extra letter and you get the name of the game: trapt.
What music video had humans sacrificing themselves in a torture chair to a bunch of worms?
it was either a nine inch nails video or a tool video I am fairly sure. I remember the chair grinding humans into blood and pulp to feed worms. trying to find that video to show my girl the only video music video that made me reel LOL
Is it "Happiness in Slavery" by Nine Inch Nails?…
How do I get rid of anger after an watching animal cruelty/torture video?
Today I accidentally clicked on an an animal cruelty video on youtube, began watching it and could not stop watching it. Almost every time I watch something like this it gets me angry and mad that this is going on and that after I go outside and see people/talk to them, it makes me angry that they seem to not care. Do you get angry after watching an animal torture/cruelty video? If so, what is the best way to cure anger and resentment after watching something like this? I also thought this kind of makes me mad at my own race.I think it kind of ruined my social treatment and thinking of people, as well as my normal way of thinking. Time heals mostly everything. I expect this to pass with time.
go volunteer at an animal shelter, or join an animal rights group.

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